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Specialising in the full polyamide range

From PA6-PA12

Our materials cover applications in diverse markets

List of basic polymers – EMS Product names

Co-Polyamide Grilon BM / Grilon C
PA 1010 Grilamid 1S
PA 12 Grilamid L (FWA)
PA 12 / MACMI Grilamid TR
PA 6 Grilon B / Grilon F
PA 610 Grilamid 2S
PA 612 Grilamid 2D
PA 66 Grilon A
PA 6I/6T Grivory G
PA 6T/66 Grivory HT 2
PA 6T/6I Grivory HT 1
PA MACM12 Grilamid TR 90
Partially aromatic PA 66 + PA6I Grivory GV
TPA Grilon ELX
PPA Grivory HT