Experienced application engineers with special knowledge in the market segments Automotive, Electro & Electronic, Industry & Consumer Goods, Optics and Packaging provide support for development of new applications – from the idea to serial production.

The services of the application development centre include:

  • Support during the concept phase and checking of requirements
  • Feasibility and profitability studies for new applications
  • Recommendation of the optimal material and individual comparison tests
  • Support with component design and mould construction
  • Process optimisation and development of production and secondary processes
  • Advice for component-specific tests and quality features

Computer Assisted Technical Service (CATS)

EMS-GRIVORY supports customers already in the concept and design phase with realistic simulations. In this way, using Finite Element Analyses (FEA), the distribution of forces and component deformation can be calculated and optimised. Weak points in a design can be highlighted and suitable modifications tested. If anisotropy of fiber-reinforced plastics or other non-linear geometrical or material effects play a significant part in component behaviour, these can also be taken into account during the calculations.

EMS-GRIVORY offers injection moulding process simulation for the optimisation of production processes. Rheological simulation allows evaluation of optimal sprue and gating system positions, detection of filling problems, weld lines or air entrapments for a mould before construction work is started. Through extensive optimisation of material data, EMS-GRIVORY is able to make both qualitative and quantitative use of shrinkage and warping forecasts to recommend initial mould corrections.

Technical Customer Service

EMS-GRIVORY is present in the main markets with local Technical Customer Service. This allows very fast customer contact and rapid solutions to customer problems.

Focus is placed on processing and quality problems. Experienced process specialists accompany part production from first sampling to serial production.

Processing Laboratory

In Switzerland, EMS-GRIVORY has a modern laboratory with different injection moulding and extrusion machines. This is supplemented by local facilities at the locations in Asia and the USA.

The injection moulding machines cover the standard processes as well as special process technology such as sandwich moulding, gas injection technology or injection-compression moulding. In the field of extrusion, EMS-GRIVORY has machines for pipe extrusion, extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding, flat and blown-film extrusion.

This equipment is available to customers for use in testing, sampling, production of prototypes and zero series production. Process engineers work on the development and application of new processing methods for the EMS speciality polymers in all target segments.