Optimally packaged with polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY

Packagings and containers made of our polyamides have excellent barrier properties against oxygen, carbon dioxide and flavors so that food and beverages as well as cosmetics and medicines remain fresh for longer. Our products fulfill the strict safety regulations demanded by governmental health authorities and have all corresponding approvals.

Packaging Product Assortment

The broadest speciality PA product assortment world-wide

Grivory® G Partially Aromatic Polyamide
Grivory® HB Partially Aromatic Copolyamide
Grivory®C Copolyamide
Grivory® BM Barrier Multipolyamide
Grilon® F
Grilon® FG
Polyamide 6
Modified Polyamide 6
Grilon® MB PA Masterbatches
Grilon® B
Grilon® F
Speciality Compounds and Alloys
Grilamid® L Polyamide 12
Grilamid®TR Transparent Polyamide
Grilon® T/TS Polyamide 66 / 66 + 6