Weight and cost-savings through metal replacement in automotive construction

In the automotive industry, EMS-GRIVORY has contributed significantly for more than 40 years to the development of modern vehicle components of the highest quality. Our products always fulfill the increasingly demanding requirements. They enable customers to achieve reductions in component weight and economic fuel consumption while satisfying high standards of comfort and safety. Further factors are their economic processing and recyclability.

Our materials are in particularly high demand for the replacement of metal components in under-the-bonnet applications. For this purpose we have developed high-performance polyamides with especially high heat resistance for use in applications such as air ducts and coolers for turbo-charged engines, heat exchangers and throttle bodies. Polymers from EMS-GRIVORY are also found in automotive electrical and electronic systems which must ensure trouble-free operation under extreme climatic conditions. In addition, our polyamides are used in chassis and power train components where resistance to motor oils and hydraulic fluids is required. Examples of these applications are clutch, brake or steering systems. In automotive interiors, polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY replace conventional die-cast alloys as materials for functional parts such as arm rests, covers or dashboard brackets. External metal-replacement applications include door handles, wing mirrors or windscreen wiper units. Furthermore, our polyamide materials, which are resistant to chemicals, corrosion and weathering, allow efficient manufacturing of media supply systems such as fuel or cooling water lines.